Hello and greetings from beautiful Silver City, New Mexico, a truly unique and beautiful place! Though there are many towns and cities where I am proud to have lived, I feel so fortunate to have at last found my home here in this peaceful and gentle area.

Before moving to New Mexico, there had been many places where I had called home. I grew up back east, in Maine and Pennsylvania, and also spent time living with family in the US Virgin Islands and in Hawaii. After my undergraduate studies, I moved to Wyoming and then went on to live in Idaho for eleven years.

It was in the mountain ranges of the wild west where I first discovered my most complete sense of self. Exploring mountains in the Tetons, the Uintas and the Sangre de Cristos, mountaineering taught me to eye the steep slopes of these rugged ranges, and to trek upwards and reach unfathomable summits. In these practices, I learned my most precious life lesson that the journey of a thousand miles does indeed begin with just a single step.

 I took this determination with me back to the classroom and graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacology at the Idaho State University. This accomplishment led me to an incredible and diverse career in the field of pharmacy. Never one to shy away from a challenge, I worked in every capacity that I could, from busy retail pharmacies to complex hospital settings. In my years spent caring for patients, it is the personal connections that I made with others that I treasure the most.

 Always eager to try something new, I have long considered how I might still create connections and serve others in a different way. Over the years, I have had the good fortune to work with several amazing real estate professionals who were my guides and support in helping me to navigate one of the most important decisions in life- the decision of where to call home. These amazing individuals not only inspired me but led me to consider how I may join this profession. Through luck and serendipity, I was able to at last manifest my dream of becoming a real estate broker, right here in Silver City, and with the most exceptional team imaginable. It is more than I dreamed possible, and I am so pleased to be here.

 As soon as life’s adventures are over with for the day, I know just how wonderful it is to come home. I would love to learn your story of what brought you to this wonderful place, and it would be my honor and privilege to be your guide in helping you find your home within it.


Pennsylvania State University, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Idaho State University, Doctor of Pharmacy