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Hacienda Realty Team

As owner-broker of a busy real estate business in a small town, I have focused on finding people with the perfect qualities to work with our clients.  Each member of Hacienda’s team loves working with people, and they love houses and their settings in this beautiful community.  Each person brings different skills and qualities to the job, but they all share a commitment to excellence.

Justin Wecks joined Hacienda after a career as an educator.  He has also worked in construction and took a year off to renovate the home he shares with his family.  Justin understands what it is to have a dream, and to make it come true.  He focuses on educating his clients with a belief that this empowers them in situations that otherwise could be challenging.  His background in education has given him amazing patience and he can push everything else aside to focus on his clients’ needs and dreams, and their timeline.

Sam Castello worked for years as a leader in both the profit and non-profit worlds. Sam is analytical and has a way of looking at a situation and seeing it from every angle; his insights are amazing and useful in solving even the most complex problems. Because of his experience serving in community based organizations in the the non-profit arena, Sam has a focus and approach to helping people that puts them in charge of the transaction while drawing upon relationships to help them feel rooted in the community right away.

Nancy Lamb has lived in Southern New Mexico all her life and has worked in real estate for over thirty years.  She is a mother and grandmother and she and her husband have an agricultural business raising show-quality lambs.  She is a nurturer and encourages her clients to focus on what they want and to keep going with her guidance, even when the going is tough, while always remembering the client is the one to make the final decision.

Leesa Haire has been involved in the healing arts for over twenty years. Her ability to connect with clients is wonderful.  She is excited about every transaction and there is often a celebration she’s arranged at the end.  Her community involvement as a board member of the Mimbres Regional Arts Council and a director and president of the Dos Griegos II Homeowners Association connects her to people and the community in a way that benefits her clients and helps them find ways to join the community.  She is intuitive and supportive and wants everyone involved in a transaction to be smiling at its conclusion.

My team of brokers at Hacienda are educated, knowledgeable and experienced, and all of them love working with people and building relationships.  They are highly-motivated but are able to focus on the needs of others and work at their pace, which enables them to educate and empower our clients in situations that arise, even when they could be confusing and difficult otherwise.  They will walk you through negotiating a contract, guide you through the home inspection, and sit beside you at the settlement table, working to be sure you maintain your sanity and have a smile on your face at the end.


Blake Farley, Broker/Owner

Sam Castello, Associate Broker

Cell: 575-313-2599

Phone: 575-388-1921

Email: sam@silvercitysam.com

Sam Castello

Associate Broker

Leesa Haire, Associate Broker

Cell: 575-654-4010

Phone: 575-388-1921

Email: leesa@movealready.com

Leesa Haire

Associate Broker

Nancy Lamb, Associate Broker

Cell: 575-313-3529

Phone: 575-388-1921

Email: nlamb7@gmail.com

Nancy Lamb

Associate Broker

Justin Wecks, Associate Broker

Cell: 575-313-5779

Phone: 575-388-1921

Email: justin@movealready.com

Justin Wecks

Associate Broker

Blake Farley, Broker/Owner

Cell: 575-313-4777

Phone: 575-388-1921

Email: blake@movealready.com

Blake Farley